Football coach allegedly exposed himself to players by putting penis in hot dog bun

School officials in Spokane, Washington have suspended a high school football coach over allegations that he exposed his penis to players at a camp last summer.

Reports claim that Jim Sharkey put his penis in a hot dog bun and said:

“You think that is a big dog — take a look at this."

Sharkey says the allegations are false and is willing to fight the charges.

He said he's been taking players to the summer camp for several years as part of a leadership exercise.  They camp in tents, swim in the river, and even remove downed tree limbs from the property.

No mention of penis play.

It's possible Sharkey was drunk (you think?) when he allegedly put his dong in the bun, but he denies drinking alcohol at the camp.

There's some other allegations surrounding this Sharkey guy.

A girl once complained that he called her a "puck slut" or a "puck bunny" because she was friends with some of the high school's hockey players.

Another football player also said that he knew of a number of times where players would gang up and dog pile a player on his birthday, and they would shove their fingers up the player's anus. 

They called this game "juicing."

The player made it clear however, that no coaches or adults were around when "juicing" happened.

It wouldn't be surprising if all this stuff really happened.  Unfortunately it's very easy for creeps to take advantage of summer-camp-style situations.


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