Trump's Nazi Billboard

A billboard in Arizona is drawing crowds and outrage as an image of President Trump is surrounded by nuclear mushroom clouds and dollar sign swastikas.

The artwork was created by a California-based artist Karen Fiorito, who says she has received death threats since installing the piece on Friday.

Fiorito says the billboard expresses "tension in the air" for the people "who don't have a voice".

 "I do feel like we are headed down a road of destruction and apocalyptic destruction...I got the opportunity to have a platform to say something and I took that opportunity and I take full responsibly for it."

The design was inspired by where Fiorito sees the country going if the president's actions are left unchecked. 

“I hope that people come together and unify and stand up against what I think is a very dangerous path that we’re on...and if we don’t do something … then the powers that be will just continue on this path toward total annihilation.”

The board was commissioned by a Phoenix art patron, Beatrice Moore and says they want the board to stay up for the remainder of Trump's presidency.

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