Judge to Consider Roman Polanski's Sentencing Request

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A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge said Monday he would consider and issue a written ruling in fugitive film director Roman Polanski's latest legal effort to return to the United States without fear of jail or prison.

Polanski, who fled to Europe in 1978, has asked the judge for credit for time he served in foreign jails or while under house arrest overseas -- in order to fully satisfy what Polanski says was his promised jail term for the rape of a 13-year-old girl in L.A. in 1977.

"It's our position is that the court had promised Mr. Polanski a certain sentence in 1977 and the promise is still good," Polanski's defense attorney Harland Braun told reporters after a hearing.

Braun said Polanski left the U.S. after the original judge reneged on a short jail term and threatened decades in prison, and told the judge Polanski, now 83, wants to, "solve this case."

L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Michele Hanisee argued the only reason the case hasn't been resolved in 40 years -- is because Polanski fled.

"The People simply do not believe that it's in the best interest of justice to give a wealthy celebrity special treatment," Hanisee said.

-- Eric Leonard (@LeonardFiles)

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