Five Reasons Why Spring Sucks From The Simpsons (and Community).


The spring season means allergy season. Pollen in the air, on your car, and in your system, no matter how hard you try you can’t escape the irritating illness. Stock up on Claritin because, with all that rain we got this winter, the pollen count promises to be a doozy for those who suffer.


Good luck trying to get anywhere you need to go in the spring. Now that the weather is over 70 degrees, the entire population of Los Angeles has fled their home. Highways are a nightmare and it takes an extra half hour to get where you want to go and people who don’t know how to use their blinker surround you.

Daylight Savings

In preparation for spring, countries around the world have decided that we as a society still need daylight saving time to properly function. Instead of taking away that hour from our lives why don’t you let us keep it for more productive things like sleeping?


The beginning of the warmer weather seasons calls for bugs galore. You can’t take two steps outside without being swarmed by insects. From carpenter ants invading your house, to mosquitos swarming your picnics, it’s time to stock up on the bug spray.

Unpredictable weather

Normally in the perpetually sunlight-filled Southern California, this isn’t really an issue. Except in 2017 we live in a world full of anomalies where Donald Trump is our president and it’s rained constantly since the New Year. So, who knows what kind of weather awaits us over the next three months? We’re stocking up on Parkas and galoshes just in case.

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