The war against plastic straws

First the eco-scolds hold our plastic bags hostage for 10 cents, and now they want to take away our plastic straws too?!

This craziness must be stopped!

Apparently a growing number of organizations in California are trying to get rid of plastic straws.  Jackie Nunez, a kayak guide from Santa Cruz who in 2011 launched The Last Plastic Straw campaign told the OC Register:

"[It's] a tangible thing anyone can do...It’s the ultimate ‘slacktivist’ movement.  We’re asking you to do nothing. You just have to say no to the straw.”

Check out KFI's Jo Kwon, and how Huntington Beach might become the first city in the state to go plastic straw-free.

We can't keep letting the minority scolders tell us how to live our lives!  It's time to take a stand for the plastic straw! 

Keep the straw! Say Yes to the straw!

Read more about this nonsense at the OC Register.

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