Sex Offender Check

Starting next month any and all visitors that come to any of Laguna Beach's four public schools will need to provide their be checked against a sex offender registry.

The Laguna Beach Unified School District approved the idea to improve their security by signing a contract that would install a system that will run a person's name against a national sex offender database.

The initial cost will set them back $8,250 with an annual software access fee of $2,700.

Interim assistant superintendent of business services Jeff Dixon says student safety is always a priority.

“This system will further enhance the district’s efforts to improve safety at all schools by allowing school officials to monitor who visits the schools and when they are in the buildings.” 

A news release says school faculty and staff will scan visitor's driver's licenses, state ID or their passport. The software will then run their name, address and photograph to get instant results.

If the visitor gets the all clear, they are given a badge to wear that will have their name, picture, date and time of visit and the area of the school they'll be in.

If there is a match in the system, school administrators will be alerted.

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