Dog Therapy Can Fix Everything!

There has been a lot going on around my house lately, and frankly most of it is depressing.

But, you can always count on your dogs to cheer you up.

For example, yesterday, Princess looked at me as if I was crazy...with this face, which I have dubbed 'Goofus'....a combination of Goofy and Doofus

When I'm feeling a little depressed and my hubby isn't home to try to cheer me up, I have to turn to the dogs.

Even Buffy, who at 19, has days where she's practically on death's door, has moments where she seems like a puppy again. 

Even if sometimes she insists on being fed only with chopsticks...

Roxy, who doesn't like being filmed much, sometimes gets into the action.....when the drone comes out.

And, of course, coming home to this every day isn't so bad for me or hubby

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