9 things you feel like on St. Patrick's Day

1. When you get pinched for not wearing green by that one really annoying person. 

2. When you're in the spirit of St. Patty's but you don't own any green clothing. 

3. When you use St. Patty's Day as an excuse to get too drunk and act like an idiot. 

4. When you really get into the spirit and act like you're Irish all day. Much to the dismay of your co-workers. 

5. When you wear green because it's your color but it's also turns out to be St. Patrick's Day. 

6. When you get lectured for not wearing green. 

7. When you overreact to someone not wearing green. 

8. When you didn't get the memo that no one dresses up in your office but you own it anyway. 

9. When you don't care about St. Patty's day and just want to watch March Madness. 

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