Yoga pants are polluting the seas

Yoga pants are everywhere these days, you can't escape them!  We always make fun of them and now we have a really good reason to.

Yoga pants are polluting the ocean.

The Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium has been collecting microfibers in the waters around Florida. When yoga pants and similar athletic clothing are washed, the microfibers get flushed into natural waterways and end up in the sea.

The microfibers end up in the bellies of marine animals, including seafood such as oysters.

Yoga pants are making us sick!

University of Florida researcher Maia McGuire said:

"I totally thought we were going to be finding microbeads and (bigger) fragments.  What do we do about it is the multimillion dollar question. The consensus seems to be that we need improvement in technology in washing machines and wastewater treatment plants in combination in order to try and filter out these fibers. There's just so much we don't know."

Will the liberal eco-nuts push for yoga pants to be banned now?!


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