No More Concrete?

The Customs and Border Protection is expanding their horizons when it comes to the design of President Trump's US-Mexico border wall.

On Tuesday, the CBP updated its notice for the wall designs with two separate proposal requests.

"One focused on concrete designs, and one focused on other designs."

The solicitation notice asks that:

"The intent of this procurement is to acquire and evaluate available wall prototypes and provide some initial construction of some wall segments, but is not intended as the vehicle for the procurement of the total wall solution for the border with Mexico."

CPB was originally asking for a 30-foot concrete wall and was going to begin their requests for proposals by March 8th.

The date was then pushed back to "not before March 15" and now the requests are just pushed back to "soon".

At the time of this post, it wasn't made clear what "other designs" refers too, but it is reported that the almost 700 miles of fencing already along the US-Mexico border is made of steel barriers.

Before the announcement, the plan was just to ask for only concrete designs but now these new requests will expand the offers.

As it stands, more than 640 private contractors have said they're interested in designing and building wall prototypes along the border.

All of the bids so far will be only for prototypes and not the actual wall itself that would stretch the length of almost 1,900 miles.

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