#TrueCrimeTuesday: Man commits murder-suicide in small Illinois city

On Friday, Randall Coffland, 48, called 911 and informed the operator he had shot his 16-year-old twin daughters, his wife and was going to then shoot himself.

The shooting took place in St. Charles, Ill., a city that hasn’t seen a violent crime in years.

Anjum Coffland, the wife of Randall and mother of the twins Brittany and Tiffany, arrived at the apartment after her husband had shot their daughters. Randall told his wife immediately what he had done and then promptly shot her in the leg.

Randall and Anjum got on the phone with 911 almost at the same time. Randall’s call lasted for a little over a minute where he confessed to the shootings and said he planned to shoot himself.

However, his wife’s phone call to 911 was more frantic and lasted about seven minutes until emergency officials arrived on the scene. Anjum Coffland was taken to a nearby hospital while her daughters and husband were proclaimed dead.

Upon closer investigation to the incident, police found two 9mm guns in the apartment. Where Randall got the guns and why he committed such a horrific crime is still unknown.

The twins lived with their father while the mother was living in another accommodation. Police are looking into why Anjum had moved out.

The next morning, candles and flowers were placed in front of the apartment to show respect for the terrible loss and the unexpected tragedy that struck the city.

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