Hawthorne robbery suspect gets run over by victims, accidentally shoots himself

We like stories about justice, and we like when bad guys are stupid and get busted.

A robbery suspect ended up shooting himself with his own gun when one of his victims ran him over with a car.

The moron had a few accomplices with him, and he'd just robbed 4 people in a parked car at at Denny's parking lot in Hawthorne.

As he was bolting for his getaway car, the car with the 4 victims gunned it and ran him over.  He ended up shooting himself through the mouth and part of his face.

His accomplices tried to help him into the getaway car but ended up ditching him, leaving him on the ground unconscious for the Hawthorne Police to find.

The driver of the car who ran over the robber took off, but the car was found close by.

3 of the 4 victims ended up returning to the scene to talk with officers.

Sounds like a wild night.  It should be noted that this all went down just before 3:00 am.  

Nothing good happens at that time of night.  Just stay home.

Hopefully the other robbers will get arrested soon.  At least one of them got what they deserved.

Read more at The Daily Breeze.

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