General Grilled over Nude Photos

Marine Commandant General Robert Neller was questioned by senators for over two hours over the recent nude photo scandal.

This meeting came after it was revealed that Marines had been requesting, posting and sharing nude photos of female service members in private online forums.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand grilled Neller on the Marine Corps failure to protect these women from the harassment.

“It is a serious problem when we have members of our military denigrating female Marines who will give their life for this country in the way they have with no response from leadership.”

When answering other senators questions, Gillibrand said Neller's responses weren't good enough.

Gillibrand says the persecution these women face doesn't stop off the screen.

“We have countless victims who have come forward — and they’re not just being harassed online...once their name, face, where they are stationed is posted, do you think the harassment ends online? It doesn’t.

Other senators say the Marine Corps has known for years that male Marines harass and belittle women but those in charge don't protect them.

Neller said he didn't have an answer for the scandal but as the commandant he was taking responsibility for it, saying changes will be made.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen wasn't convinced.

"Why should we believe that it's going to [be] different this time than it's been in the past?'

The Marine Corps will update their social media policy to directly address the issue of cyber bullying.

Neller has also issued his commanders to support harassment victims and raise awareness to "ultimately eliminate the conditions that allow this cancer to grow."

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