Federal Judge in Hawaii halts Trump's travel ban

Why can't the President do his job?  Just hours before Trump's revised travel order was supposed to take effect, it was put on hold because a federal judge in Hawaii thinks it discriminates on the basis of nationality.

The decision from U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson prevents the executive order from going into effect, at least for now.

Hawaii argued that the order would prevent residents from getting visits from relatives in the 6 countries listed on the temporary travel ban.

The state also says it would harm the tourism industry and harm its ability to recruit foreign workers and students.

What a bunch of nonsense all of this is!  Who's a judge in Hawaii to say that this order can't go through? This is the President's decision.  End of story.

When Trump's first travel order was blocked, we talked with Dr. John Eastman.  He joined us again today to break it all down:

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