Tony Villar's Super PAC took in a pathetic amount of money

Tony Villar.  Probably the biggest dope to ever be the mayor of Los Angeles.  He and Garcetti are pretty close when it comes to weak lame mayors, they're cut from the same cloth.

They're praised for their charisma, but man are they dumb and vain.

We've got the Governor's race coming up very soon, and Tony Villar is trying to lay the groundwork for his run.  God help us if he becomes Governor...

Last year he created a super PAC which he said would “harness the compassion and power" of Californians and fight against Trump.

Well, Trump is the President.  So you're pathetic PAC didn't do crap, Tony.

The PAC was called 'Building Bridges, Not Walls.'  Here's how Villar announced it:

"Building Bridges, Not Walls is about standing up and saying, ‘Enough!’  We will help mobilize the passion we see in Californians who say ‘No!’ to Trump and direct it – through calls, texts and emails – toward swing states where it matters most.”

Villar says this PAC was all about trying to stop Trump, but we all know it was to ramp up his run for Governor.  Like we said, he only cares about himself.

Here's what Roger Salazar, a spokeshole for Building Bridges, Not Walls, said about its failure:

“Do we wish we could have done more? Absolutely.  I don’t think there’s a Democrat in the United States that doesn’t wish we would have been able to do more to defeat Trump. Ultimately, we didn’t have enough money to go through and use the tools we wanted to build to have a much bigger impact in other states.”

Salazar added that the PAC sent over 1.5 million emails and put out social media ads that "received more than 500,000 impressions."

Wow!  500,000 impressions!  Who cares?

'Building Bridges' spent $71, 260 last year on general consulting, website design, travel.

Among other things they wasted money on, Villar also reimbursed himself $1, 453 for his DNC stay and $221 for the airfare.

What a loser.

Read more at the SacBee.

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