Tim Conway Jr. hosted the Burbank Educational Foundation "State of the Schools" breakfast

Our very own Tim Conway Jr. helped the Burbank Educational Foundation celebrate 90 years at their "State of the Schools" breakfast. Their goal was to raise $90,000 to support the Burbank students. 

Tim was able to speak from experience on why his family chose to live in Burbank due to the schools. He also added his unique flair to observations throughout the breakfast. 

Excerpt from MyBurbank.com

With the Burbank schools turning 90 this year, the Burbank Educational Foundation decided to hold a “State of the Schools” breakfast with the goal of raising $90,000 that will support Burbank students in both their core and curriculum extra-curricular activities.

They could not have found a better host than Burbank’s own Tim Conway Jr. who hosts his own popular radio show nightly on KFI AM. Conway not only disclosed his reasons for coming to live in Burbank (schools), but also was fluent in his transitions during the breakfast with some great observations.

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