Chinese man marries woman left disfigured from rat attack

Chinese couple Lin Zhouqiang and his wife Xu Qinqin are winning over people's hearts with their love story, that proves it isn't all about appearances.

Qinqin had been made fun of by people her whole life, including her own family, over her look.

She was left disfigured as a baby when a rat bit off her nose and the flesh around her eyes.

She lived her whole life being bullied and things got so bad that she had to quit school.  She ended up getting married at 18, but it only lasted 2 years:

"Every time when we argued, [my husband and his family] would say I was a freak and ask me to go back home."

That caused her to isolate herself even further, but then she met Lin Zhouqiang online, and the two hit if off.

He told a local reporter:

"It might be fate. Since I knew her experience, I have felt that the girl had lived a tough life. I decided to marry her after knowing her for about a month."

He added that the marriage shocked his parents and neighbors, but that doesn't bother him.  He says they'll be together for the rest of their lives.

Read more at the Daily Mail.

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