Dramatic officer-involved shooting in Orange caught on video, suspect identified

A pretty dramatic officer-involved shooting was caught on camera in Orange early this morning.

Police pulled over a man, who then took things to the next level when he pulled out a gas can and lit a cigarette.

They thought he might light himself on fire or or blow something up, so one officer distracted him while another snuck up around the car and blasted him with a hose.

The suspect eventually got out of the white van and took out a knife.  Officers shot him and he later died in the hospital.

A run of the suspect's plates show there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest.  

A woman who claims to be the sister of the suspect says he was 33-year-old Michael Anthony Perez, a father of six who would've celebrated his birthday on Wednesday.

She told KTLA:

"He is not just another person shot by the police.  He is a son, brother and father."

If this guy cared so much about his family, he would've cooperated with the police when they stopped him. Instead he refused to get out of the car and make things worse for himself.

Orange police Lt. Fred Lopez said:“It was a legal car stop.  He parked his vehicle and then refused to get out of the car.”

According to Sgt. Jennifer Amat, Perez had an“extensive criminal history, which included weapons violations and narcotics."

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