Man Killed at Sports Park

Police shot an killed a man in Huntington Beach sports complex filled with parents and children.

The suspect was allegedly seen holding a weapon and tried to attack families.

A witness, Jose Sanchez says he was coaching two groups of young kids when he saw the man chasing people and threatening them. 

Huntington Beach Police Chief Robert Handy says the suspect was running through different fields chasing children.

"There were reports that he was holding a bat and a broken bottle...he was chasing kids and ran up some bleachers where there were parents."

People at the park say police warned families to leave the area and when the officers showed up Sanchez says they warned the man to drop his weapon.

Another witness who was playing baseball with other people says he heard yelling and didn't think much of it until he saw people running away.

Authorities opened fire when the man made a run towards a woman in the bleachers.

The man was reportedly shot three times and pronounced dead at the scene.

Detectives remained at the scene speaking with witnesses and the Orange County Sheriff's Department is stepping in to investigate the shooting.

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