911 call of illegal alien who decapitated his mom

(Oliver Funes-Machado: Franklin County Sheriff's Office)

Yesterday the 911 call of an 18-year-old illegal alien who cut off his mom's head was released.  In the background you can hear the cries of his two young siblings, who he told the dispatcher he wouldn't kill.

On Monday afternoon, he called 911 just after killing his mother and calmly spoke to the dispatcher for almost 17 minutes:

911: What did you say happened, sir?

Caller: I killed somebody

911: OK, what’s your name?

Caller: Oliver

911: OK sir, why did you kill somebody?

Caller: Because I felt like it

911: You felt like it, OK. Who did you kill?

Caller: My mom.

911: Your mother?

Caller: Yes.

The suspect, Oliver Mauricio Funes-Machado, calmly walked out of his house carrying his mother's head, according to the first deputy who showed up to the scene.

According to ICE spokesman Bryan Cox, Machado is from Honduras and is in the country illegally.  What an awful, grim story.

Read more at the New York Post and WNCN.

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