San Francisco asks federal judge to stop Trump from penalizing sanctuary cities

San Francisco wants to defy federal law, but they still want their money.  You have to play along, San Fran.  It doesn't work like that.

Yesterday City Attorney Dennis Herrera asked a federal judge to freeze Trump's order to cut funding from sanctuary cities until a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality is resolved.

Herrera wrote:

"[If[] defendants strip all federal funds from San Francisco, the result will be ‘catastrophic.  Under this cloud of uncertainty and budgetary sword of Damocles, San Francisco must adopt an annual budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2017.”

How about just obey the law?  Then you'd have no problem planning your budget.

The SF Gate writes:

"San Francisco has a $9.6 billion budget, and Mayor Ed Lee is in the process of creating a blueprint for how to spend that money over the next two years. But he is operating blindly, as the Trump administration has not clarified how much money San Francisco stands to lose because of its sanctuary policy limiting its cooperation with federal immigration authorities."

San Francisco is run by morons and it needs to break off into the sea already.  What a joke of a city.

Read more at the SF Gate.

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