California has wettest water year in 122 years of records

According to federal scientists California is in the middle of its wettest water year in 122 years of record-keeping.

Between October 2016 and February 2017, the state averaged 27.81 inches of precipitation, the biggest average since 1895.

Nina Oakley, a California Climate Specialist with the Western Regional Climate Center, said:

“We’ve had well above normal precipitation throughout California.  What’s really been a help, atmospheric events have gotten into Southern California, where the drought had really been entrenched.  And the abundant snow pack we’ve seen in the Sierra, where it’s well above normal. Having that robust snow pack is really going to be great for spring runoff and one of the indicators we’re ready to come out of drought.”

As of March 2nd, 91% of the state was no longer in a drought condition.

Do you hear that, Jerry Brown and Eric Garcetti?!  When will you call this stupid drought off officially?  It's over.  You can't tell us how to live our lives anymore.

Your way of living is not the new normal, and it doesn't need to be that way.

Instead of preparing our infrastructure for rain during the dry years, our government did nothing.  Hope you're happy, Jerry Brown.

Read more at Mercury News.

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