Trump clamps down on H-1B visa program

The H-1B Visa has been abused by big companies for too long, and now President Trump is looking to clamp down on the program.

Companies use the visa to bring in skilled foreign workers to replace Americans because they're cheaper to pay.

On April 3rd, the administration will suspend the "premium processing" option which ensures an application will be reviewed within 15 days. 

The Trump team says its doing away with the fast processing so it can sort through a huge backlog of applications and reduce overall processing times.

CNN Money writes as if Trump taking control of H-1B is a bad thing, that it will mean chaos for the country and for foreign workers who we depend on.

But the fact of the matter is that this visa program has gotten out of control.  Giant companies like Disney use it so they can pay less money to employees and take jobs away from perfectly competent Americans.

Disney even had its American employees train their replacements before they were fired.  How f**ked up is that?!

Give Trump a chance and let him try to fix this thing!  Too many Americans are getting screwed these days and nobody fights for them anymore.

Read more at CNN Money.

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