San Bernardino officials criticized for sending letter to Trump asking for help

The San Bernardino City Council instituted a new policy following the backlash over a letter to President Trump asking for help with the city's violent crime and drug problem.

The community wasn't too happy that the city sent a letter to the President, and now any future letter signed by the majority of the council will need a public discussion and a public vote.

On Monday 15 members of the public spoke in opposition to the letter, nobody spoke in favor.

Some council members regretted signing it, but members like Virginia Marquez said she had no problem with what she did:

“I didn’t mean to get the community upset or in chaos... (But) I signed it, and I’d sign it again.”

One of the community members who spoke to the council fears that bringing in federal assistance could mean deportation for illegal immigrants living in the city.

And that's what this is really about.  San Bernardino is bankrupt and dealing with horrible crime, and yet people would rather protect illegal immigrants than follow the law.

Why do cities bow to the crazies and do what they want?  Things will only get worse, and you can thank leaders like Kevin De León and all the other boobs like him for the decline of this state.

Read more at The Sun.

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