More Tan, Less Tax

The potential health care plan Republicans are working on could cut out excess taxes.

One of those being a ten-percent tax on........indoor tanning services!

The tax, that was originally pitched under the Affordable Care Act, was meant with two benefits in mind.

One to cut down on the high rates of melanoma and to help fund Obamacare by raising up to $200 million by 2011 and $2.7 billion by 2019.

Projections fell short....really short. The IRS reported they only collected $78 million from the tax in 2015.

Besides the poor money pull, many people were fighting the tax for personal and employment reasons.

Reality TV star and tanning lover Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi disagreed with the tax and railed on it during an episode of Jersey Shore.

The American Suntanning Association, a trade group that represents almost 1,000 salons and industry suppliers, has conducted studies showing that the tax severely hurts business.

They say the number of actual salons has been cut in half and more than 100,000 jobs were lost.

Trade group president Melinda Norton says their organization is pleased with the proposed elimination.

"We applaud Congress for taking action to repeal this onerous and unfair tax, which has crippled an industry and hurt small business owners across the country."

If the Republicans get the plan approved, the American Health Care Reform Act of 2017 would eliminate the tax” on services “performed after December 31, 2017.”

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