L.A. Voting results - Your taxes went up...again

Our little election is over, and sadly Eric Garcetti won his re-election by a landslide.

He took home 81% of about 250,000 votes cast.  Mitchell Schwartz came in second place with only 8%.

In L.A. City, Measure S failed with about 69% opposed, so it looks like high rises will keep getting built and traffic will continue to be awful.

What sucks even more than Garcetti getting re-elected is Measure H passing.  Congragulations L.A. County residents, you just raised taxes on yourselves again.

The 1/4 sales tax hike to "fix the homeless problem"got 67.4% in favor from 550,000 votes.

That win was just above the 2/3 majority needed to pass.  But it passed, and needless to say Garcetti was pleased:

We all know the only thing Garcetti cares about is running for Governor in 2018.  He doesn't care about this city, he only cares about himself.

What a joke of a mayor.  

Read more at KFI News.

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