Podcast Aims To Find the “Missing Richard Simmons”

A former field producer for the Daily Show is out to find Richard Simmons and he's doing it through a six-episode podcast.  The sudden silence of the peppy fitness guru has cause fans to speculate on his whereabouts with rumors flying as to why Simmons has not made any public appearances over the last three years. 

Dan Taberiski's podcast: “Missing Richard Simmons” aims to display the positive aspects of Simmons’ life. From the growth of his workout empire, to Simmons' own, personal, struggle with body image and weight. The podcast features archived bites from  as well as interviews with friends of his.

Simmons became popular throughout the 1980s and '90s through his exercise routines that were generally vibrant and energetic, which matched his upbeat personality. Taberski first met Simmons after taking his classes at a studio in Beverly Hills. Their friendship grew and even lead to discussions about a possible documentary about Simmons. Taberski now lives in New York City where he writes and produces.

It’s been about three years since Simmons made a public appearance. New York Daily News ran a story suggesting that it’s possible Simmons was being held against his will by his housekeeper and best friend, Teresa Reveles. Simmons did call into The Today Show last year to help calm down rumors that he’s in trouble, saying he’s just taking time for himself. 

But for someone who is so used to life in the spotlight, you would think he might make at least one appearance over the last three years.

If you need a refresher on Simmons’ charm, check out one of his appearance on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” below. “Missing Richard Simmons” is available to listen to at www.missingrichardsimmons.com.

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