Chino teen fighting for her life

A few months ago, 15 year old Alexis (Lexi) Anderson was diagnosed with a rare heart condition where the muscles of the heart begin to harden. The fatal condition is known as restrictive cardiomyopathy.  Lexi has been on a heart transplant list for the last few months. 

Last Friday morning Lexi's parents found her without a pulse or heartbeat and it took them 17 minutes to revive her. She was admitted into Loma Linda Hospital and on Tuesday she experienced ventricular fibrillation and it took another 45 minutes to revive her. 

Her heart was completely deteriorated and she was living solely off of an Ecmo machine. On Wednesday night, Lexi had some more complications. 

But on Sunday morning, Lexi's father, who is a pastor received the miracle call while he was in church. Lexi would be able to get a heart transplant. Cardiologists performed the surgery Monday afternoon.  She's not out of the woods yet so her family is asking for prayers. 

If you'd like help the family you can find more info here at Lexi's Medical GoFundMe page.

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