Here's a Look at Three Measures on the Ballot Tomorrow

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Los Angeles County residents are heading back to the polls tomorrow for another round of voting.  The Municipal election will focus on the mayoral primary, city officials elections, as well as several ballot measures.

The Los Angeles County Sales Tax for Homeless Services and Protection, also known as Measure H, is a sales tax estimated to raise $355 million a year over ten years to help homeless people transition into planned affordable housing. Measure H has received support among the community and local publications. A march was held on February 25th in support of the measure. Former Los Angeles Lakers player Magic Johnson has been advocating for citizens to vote yes on Measure H.

Los Angeles city voters passed Proposition HHH in November, a property tax fund that will reportedly raise $1.2 billion to build 10,000 affordable-housing units for the homeless. Should the sales tax win the vote this Tuesday, changes will not be in effect until July 1, 2017.

Measure S, known as the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative, is an initiative to change the city’s laws governing changes to the general plan and development projects. The measure is being called the most controversial measure in this year’s election. It's been labeled by some in the community as a regression for affordable housing and homelessness, while others see it as a chance to give the voice back to the people. Richard Riordan is counted among the Measure S supporters, while current LA Mayor Garcetti has come out against the measure. Voters approved a similar development-related initiative, Measure JJJ, in November 2016.

Measure P, a charter amendment to increase the maximum length of harbor department leases. The momentum for conversation on the measure rose when it was revealed to rebuild the waterfront retail district in a $100 million dollar plan.

The campaign for the measure has been low-key, facing no major opposition. The longer leases are said by some in the community to hopefully encourage private investors and help make Los Angeles more competitive to ports like San Diego and Long Beach.

Polls open for voting tomorrow morning at 7am. Find your polling place here!

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