People are giving politics up for Lent

It's Lent time!  What are you giving up?  Chocolate?  Diet Coke?  Booze?  Nothing?

How about politics?  The current political climate has some people so distraught and stressed that they've decided to give up politics for Lent.

Staten Island lawyer Bill Dertinger said he's left Facebook to avoid the gross political back-and-forth:

“Hopefully, others will follow suit because life is way too short to engage in repetitive, senseless debates where neither side is really going to change the others minds.  So perhaps I will see you all after Easter.”

This is the first time Dertinger won't be giving up sweets for Lent, he's sacrificing political talk for 40 days.

But is that really a sacrifice?  Who really likes to talk about politics?  Giving up sweets is one thing, sweets are great.  But politics?  Politics sucks!  Giving it up for Lent isn't a sacrifice!

Father James Cuddy of St. Joseph's Church in Greenwich Village has given his blessing to those leaving sacrificing politics for Lent:

"How many Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners were ruined by political rancor? How many of us were unfriended by best friends and family members?  Stepping away from this fighting isn’t just a 40-day break. This isn’t just a cease-fire. It’s an opportunity for rebuilding and repairing relationships.”

We don't really care what you give up for Lent, or if you give up anything at all really.

But how is that people get so worked up over politics, politics that really won't affect their day-to-day lives?

We tell you about the local and state stuff that matters, President Trump will not affect your life in any big way.

You'll be fine.  

Read more at the New York Post.

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