New computer system at Southland airports causing delays

If you're flying into or out of on of the many Southland airports - take notice.  You are almost sure to encounter flight delays due to a new satellite navigation system being installed by the FAA. The program is designed to make airspace more efficient and improve access to airports.

The computer program is being added in dozens cities across the country.  The program will be replacing an older system with an updated one that uses satellite navigation. 

Airports affected will include LAX, Bob Hope, Hawthorne Municipal, Long Beach, Ontario, Oxnard, Palm Springs, San Diego, Santa Monica Municipal, John Wayne and Van Nuys airports.

The FAA said:

"The procedures are new to both pilots and air traffic controllers. As a result, we deliberately slowed down the system to ensure the procedures are working properly and to allow pilots and controllers to become accustomed to using them. We have taken similar initiatives when we implemented other Metroplex projects. We will return to normal operations as soon as possible."We are gradually increasing the LAX arrival and departure rates as everyone gets more used to the system. We increased the rates this morning, and will do so again later in the week. This will reduce delays as we get the system toward normal operations."We are increasing the LAX rates more quickly than we anticipated we would when we implemented the routes last week. Air traffic controllers underwent extensive training on the new procedures, but it is prudent to slow down the system when the procedures are initially in use."

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