Mayhem at Berkeley's "March 4 Trump"

Trump supporters and Trump haters got physical in Berkeley on Saturday, a day which saw numerous pro-Trump rallies take place across the country.

The "March 4 Trump" demonstration, held at Berkeley's Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, got out of hand as fights broke out between counter-protesters and those who had shown up for the rally.

10 people ended up getting arrested.

Video from the chaos shows people kicking and hitting each other,  either with their bare hands or with signs.

7 people got medical attention for their injuries, but nobody needed or wanted to be taken to the hospital.

Of the arrests, 5 were for battery, 4 were for assault with a deadly weapon (one person had a dagger), and 1 for resisting arrest.

Police confiscated metal pipes, baseball bats, two-by-fours, and bricks.

Then things got more interesting when around 3:00 pm, a group of self-described anarchists joined the crowd.  Dressed in black they blocked traffic as they marched through downtown Berkeley.

It's shameful that people end up fighting like this, in Berkeley of all places.  The hub of tolerance and acceptance!

Read more at the Washington Post, and check out reporter Lizze Johnson's Twitter for some good shots of the chaos.

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