T.Hanks for the Espresso Machine

Noted castaway Tom Hanks is doing his part to help the White House Press Corp stay caffeinated. According to a tweet from NBC's Peter Alexander, Hanks sent the press corp an espresso machine to help boost their efforts in the "fight for truth."

It's not the first time Hanks has helped reporters at the White House get their morning fix. In 2004, Hanks sent journalists a new coffee machine during Bush's presidency. 

This time, the gift was accompanied by a note written by Hanks that read, "To the White House Press Corps, Keep up the good fight for Truth, Justice and the American way. Especially for the Truth part." 

The note was accompanied by a cartoon drawing of American servicemen captioned with "Fresh, spirited American troops, flushed with victory, are bringing in thousands of hungry, ragged, battle-weary prisoners." 

It's no secret that Trump has had a fraught relationship with the press thus far in his administration's tenure. Trump has famously called the press the 'enemies of the American people' and regularly excoriates outlets he does not like as 'fake news.'

For his part, Hanks publicly supported Clinton during her run for the presidency and has called Trump a 'self-involved gasbag." 

The new machine replaces a previous gift from Hanks after he noticed that the "poor slobs of the fourth estate" had allowed the first espresso machine to deteriorate from overuse.  

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