Success From Reinvention

If you're 50 or over, you've probably realized by now that the world of employment has changed in a big way.  

If you worked for a company for 20+ years and recently left it you've certainly realized that in order to keep working until retirement you have to reinvent yourself.

So, how do you do that?

John Tarnoff spent six years at DreamWorks Animation, as Head of Show Development.  He's currently a reinvention career coach, speaker and author who helps fellow baby boomers transition to meaningful and sustainable careers beyond traditional retirement.

He joined Bill to talk about how you can reinvent yourself for your next career. 

Buy the book HERE.

CLICK HERE for the website for more information. 

John is a contributor to and teaches at Carnegie Mellon's L.A. campus where he co-runs the Los Angeles-based Entertainment Industry Management master’s degree program for Carnegie Mellon University.

Follow John on  Facebook and Twitter @JohnTarnoff 

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