NFL Rams reveal new helmets for the 2017 season

The Los Angeles Rams have announced that the team is changing the helmets for the 2017 football season.

The metallic gold colored horns on the helmet will be changed to white horns. 

The color scheme was first introduced during Thursday Night Football back in December 2016 when the Rams played against the Seattle Seahawks.

However, Rams executives quickly noticed a ‘clash’ with the color scheme. To stitch up the color mismatch, an announcement revealed that the pants will be also changed to white, but with either one or two blue stripes.

Fans will make the final decision with a vote on how many stripes the pants will have and also the color of the team’s face masks.

The Rams said that, “the team is continuing to explore a full rebrand, including new uniforms that will be unveiled in 2019.”

The new color scheme for the uniforms and helmets will create a new ‘modern’ and ‘clean’ look and coincide with the team moving to their new stadium in Inglewood.

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