Mama dog loses her puppies to a fire but finds comfort in caring for orphaned puppies

Daisy was a happy mama dog until the barn where her puppies were living burned to the ground. Her owners had to hold her back as she tried to run into the burning barn to save them. 

After the fire Daisy was not the same dog, she would not eat and she would walk down to the barn to look for her puppies and bark when she could not find them. 

Her owner's sister took to Facebook to try and find Daisy some foster puppies to help mend her broken heart. After a few days a family who had just lost the mama dog of 10-day-old puppies contacted Daisy's owner. The two families were able to find comfort in each other after heartbreaking losses. 

Daisy is now feeling better as she cares for eight foster puppies. They will only be with her until they are weaned and can be adopted to their own families but in the mean time Daisy is getting back to her normal self. 

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