CA lawmakers propose attorneys for illegals facing deportation

The LA Times wrote another sob story today with the headline "California lawmakers want to provide attorneys to immigrants facing deportation. But who gets the help?"

Here's how it starts:

"Flustered and out of money, Maria paced through the empty aisles of a Marshalls department store in Orange County three days before her son’s eighth-grade graduation. She picked out a pair of black dress shoes for him and a crisp, gray long-sleeved shirt.

Then, she clumsily stuffed them in her large purse and attempted to walk out.

That is how Maria, a petite, 38-year-old waitress who asked that her full name be withheld for fear of reprisal from authorities, says she almost became a felon and faced deportation, consequences that could have proved much more severe had she not found lawyers to represent her in court..."

This legislative session, California lawmakers are on the fast track to create what would be the largest legal defense program in the country for illegal aliens facing deportation.

The state-funded legal program would fall under the supervision of the California Department of Social Services.  The agency would award contracts and vet funding applications to nonprofits that provide lawyers for illegals.

Why should the state devote its Social Services program to helping illegals?  They came here the wrong way, it's against the law!

But California thinks it's doing something grand and important by defying Trump and federal law.

If you came here illegally, you're subject to deportation.  Period.  It's that simple.  But Maria, mentioned at the beginning of the story, doesn't think she's done anything wrong:

“In my case, people probably think that I deserved to be deported.  I don’t blame people for thinking that way, but I also think that if we are able to learn from our mistakes and be better, we deserve a chance to stay.”

Not enough leaders in California will fight for you, because they're too swept up in this nonsense.

Read more at the LA Times.

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