Satanic Temple on the Rise as Trump Becomes US President

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Some Americans are seeing demons everywhere nowadays. They're even seeing them in the White House. That's right, some people believe that Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Ben Carson, and Betsey DeVos are currently in office because of an unholy influence. So, those Americans have turned to Satan to stop America from being great again.

Contrary to popular belief, the Satanic Temple (not to be confused with the Church of Satan) are not white gothic kids who worship the devil. The Satanists identify as atheists seeking justice. They use Satan as a prop to challenge religious groups that use God to justify their actions.

“We decided that Satan was the ultimate rebel, and we realized the power of that symbol,” the Co-Founder of the Satanic Temple’s L.A. chapter William Morrison told LAWeekly.

The Satanic Temple doesn’t align itself with any political parties - however, the organization’s mission and goals are in complete opposition to the Trump’s administration conservative actions.

“We want First amendment [rights], we want women to have control of their bodies, and we want the LGBT community to have equal rights,” Morrison says. After Trump and Pence were inaugurated, they've taken to a more aggressive stance, which has lead to an increase in membership.

The organization gained popularity in 2014 after they created a crowd-funding campaign to build a satanic monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol. More than 1,000 supporters helped the organization surpass their $20,000 goal for the statue of Baphomet—a mythical horned goat that is most recognized as the mascot for Satanists. The crowdfunded statue was ultimately placed in Detroit after a judge found that the statue created a religious infringement in a public space in Oklahoma. 

You can read more about the Satanic Temple's efforts to oppose Trump with the LAWeekly here.

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