Cops Corner Car In South Bay; Suspect Surrenders

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Police are in a standoff with a carjacking suspect who led officers on a pursuit through several Southern California neighborhoods.

The Wednesday morning pursuit began after the man was suspected of carjacking the driver of a Toyota Scion.

The suspect led officers on a slow-speed pursuit for more than an hour and repeatedly gestured out of a window at news helicopters that hovered overhead.

Police used the PIT maneuver, a tactic used to abruptly turn and stop a fleeing vehicle, knocking off the bumper of his car. But the man didn't stop. At one point he also drove in reverse.

The car was stopped after a PIT maneuver in Redondo Beach along Pacific Coast Highway.

Police surrounded the car with guns drawn but the suspect has refused to come out.

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