Trump looks to place focus on illegal immigration with guests tonight

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump invited relatives of American victims that were killed by immigrants living in the United States illegally to the president’s joint address before Congress on Tuesday.

This event will showcase the efforts to implement immigration as a state issue.

Jessica Davis and Susan Oliver, widows of California police officers killed on duty by an undocumented person, were invited to the presidential address. The officers were shot and killed in 2014.

The guests are a visual representation of why President Trump is fighting for immigration control.

Jamiel Shaw Sr. has been out outspoken advocate for tighter immigration control ever since his son, Jamiel Shaw Jr., was shot and killed by an undocumented immigrant. Shaw Sr. became a key vocal advocate of President Trump’s stance on immigration during the presidential campaign.


Trump’s presidential campaign consisted of much controversy. He described Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and people who were bringing in crime. Trump ordered Homeland Security to publish weekly lists of criminal actions committed by immigrants. Based on scientific studies there is no evidence that a majority of the crime is committed by undocumented immigrants.


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