The Yes and No sides of Measure S

An election is coming up soon on March 7th, and there's some stuff you Angelenos *cringe* need to know. Right off the bat, you need to VOTE NO on Measure H and you need to vote against Eric Garcetti.

We're hosting our L.A. Mayoral Debate on Thursday, so you'll have the chance to hear from all of the other candidates and make up your mind on who to vote for.

There's another measure, Measure S, which is on the ballot.  To make it simple, there are a lot of people in Los Angeles who think that the city is allowing too much development, bringing in mega-story condo projects to neighborhoods that are already clogged with traffic.

Voting yes on would slow down developments for two years, and voting no would leave everything as it is now.

From the Yes on S side, we heard from Jill Stewart:

On the No on S side, we heard from Jay Handal:

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