Market Monday with Rebecca Jarvis

ABC's Rebecca Jarvis joins us today for Market Monday, giving us all the updates on the stock market and business news.

Rebecca has a new episode of her show "No Limits" coming out tomorrow.  Here's a rundown on it.

Guest: Recode’s Kara Swisher

Episode 10: Part 1: Kara Swisher was once called Silicon Valley’s “most feared and well-liked journalist”. The executive editor of Recode, host of the Recode Decode podcast and co-executive producer of the Code Conference, Swisher talks about everything from her background, like the time she cold called the Washington Post while she was a student at Georgetown to knowing Silicon Valley’s biggest players, like Jeff Bezos, before they were billionaires. She’s shares her tips for recognizing trends and spotting the hot start-ups before they’re hot. Other topics include the craziness of social media,  Kara’s toughest lesson, Dirty Dancing and of course… Roadhouse.

Episode 10: Part 2: Recode’s Kara Swisher discusses Snap Inc.’s upcoming IPO and shares predictions on what may happen for the “camera company”. Rebecca and Kara discuss Uber’s current issues and whether they will affect the potential for the company to go public one day. They also talk Apple acquisitions and Kara share her opinion on the most overrated company.

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