Joel Kotkin: 'The True Legacy of Jerry Brown'

Jerry Brown has done nothing to make California a better state.  Just like the crumbling Oroville Dam, California has been neglected for too long.

The "patch and pray"methods applied to our infrastructure are applied to all aspects of our state, and eventually it's going to burst.

Housing prices are out of control, taxes are insanely high, and we have the largest percentage of people in or near poverty of any state.

California is often touted as the champion of progress, but we haven't seen progress in decades.

Jerry Brown, all high and mighty on his climate change throne, acts like he's the savior of this state.  But really, he'll leave behind a legacy of destruction once he's out of office.

Writer Joel Kotkin has a great piece called "The True Legacy of Jerry Brown."  It's an important read:

"The cracks in the 50-year-old Oroville Dam, and the massive spillage and massive evacuations that followed, shed light on the true legacy of Jerry Brown. The governor, most recently in Newsweek, has cast himself as both the Subcomandante Zero of the anti-Trump resistance and savior of the planet. But when Brown finally departs Sacramento next year, he will be leaving behind a state that is in danger of falling apart both physically and socially..."

Continue reading at The Daily News.

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