Edge Show 2/26

IBM Watson is leading the pack in artificial intelligence.

Nish Parekh from the Watson team joins us to bring us up to speed on how the technology is finding it’s way into more and more aspects of business and daily interactions.

Plus, Nish’s father may have one of the great immigrant stories.  So great that he starts with nothing and his story culminates with him being a high stakes baccarat player.

Mark of course cannot resist asking Nish about that.

Then, Jeff, talks about his 17 years in prison.  Why was he there and what happens behind bars?

We know Jeff because Heather’s boyfriend spent 5 years in prison and met Jeff during his time there.

The show starts, as it frequently does, with THE FAST 15 with analyst Michael Shure (this time it’s closer to 25 mins).

Mark and Michael talk about politics and get around to the confusion of a misplaced Michelin star that ends up bringing a huge crowd to a beer joint in France.

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