96-year-old woman killed by bed bugs, caretaker charged

Last February, police in Pennsylvania entered a home to find bed bugs.

They saw them on the walls, along ledges, and on the bed sheets and pillows where an elderly woman slept on the first floor.

The woman was blind, but she told officers she could "feel them crawling," and could feel them bite her.

The bugs didn't cause her any harm, but they did serious damage to another elderly woman living in the home.

Her name was Mary Stoner.

Two weeks after police visited the house, 96-year-old Stoner died from "complications of sepsis following a bed bug infestation."

Stoner and the other woman were living with 72-year-old Deborah Butler, who had been running her home as a licensed care facility.

Butler closed the business a few years ago, but the women continued to stay with her.

When police searched Butler's home, they found "bed bugs were seen in various stages of their life cycle."

In talking to police about Stoner's death, Butler said that she'd been trying to get rid of the bugs by herself because she couldn't afford an exterminator.

She also blamed Stoner for bringing the bed bugs in.

Butler has been charged with neglect of care, which is a first degree felony, and involuntary manslaughter, which is a misdemeanor.

Sorry Deborah Butler.  You were running the house and taking care of these women.  Stoner's death is your fault because you ran a disgusting house.

Read more at the Evening Sun.

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