Satan's Lake of Fire - Jerry Brown and the goons who backed AB 109

This week was a sad one, but it helped shed light on the policies of crazy Jerry Brown.  Whittier police officer Keith Boyer was shot and killed by criminal Micheal Mejia, a man who shouldn't have been on the streets.

The L.A. Times wrote a horrible piece trying to point out that AB 109, Brown's "prison realignment" bill, had nothing to do with Boyer's death.  They wrote that Mejia served his full time in prison, and therefore Jerry Brown's early release polices in no way contributed to the killing.

But that's not the point.  The point is that if these policies weren't in place, Mejia would've been sent back to state prison for his parole violations.

Instead, he was sent to county jail for 10-day "flash incarcerations" every time he violated parole.  And under AB 109, his violations were considered "non-violent."

This could have been avoided and its Jerry Brown's fault.  He and all of the other people who supported the bill are responsible, so we're throwing them all into Satan's Lake of Fire!

Svetlana, Ukrainian mob, angry Serbians, angry Polish immigrants, all of you!  Pick them up one by one and throw them into the burning lake!

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