National Enquirer: 'Fort Hood Terrorist Wants A Sex Change'

Here comes yet another National Enquirer special.

The paper has been exchanging letters with Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan, and has learned that he wants a sex change, and he wants taxpayers to pay for it.

Former Army Captain Nidal Malik Hasan, responsible for killing 13 fellow soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas, was an army psychiatrist.

Obama called the massacre "work place violence," but it was radical Islamic terrorism.

The 46-year-old killer told the Enquirer that he has no regrets about the shooting, which also left 32 others injured.  He also whined about his sex change obsession:

“I am trying slowly to change my ways into a woman who the Creator would be proud of."

Hasan's letters to the Enquirer gloss over his killing, and babble about religion:

"We are not perfect and sometimes our wretchedness will overcome us...That is why we balance our bad deeds with good deeds.”

He also complained about his living conditions and his physical well-being, as he was shot 5 times by police officer Sgt. Mark Todd, one of the officers who helped end the killing spree:

"I’m in solitary confinement.  I’m also a paraplegic!”

Nobody should ever feel sorry for this man, and no taxpayer will ever foot the bill for his sex change.

Read more at the National Enquirer.

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