Victor Davis Hanson: 'The Labyrinth of Illegal Immigration'

We've got some homework for you tonight.  Victor Davis Hanson has written another important piece for Real Clear Politics called "The Labyrinth of Illegal Immigration."

In it, Hanson points out that Mexico won't talk about its citizens leaving and not wanting to return.  He also points out that the government there won't talk about its stern policing of its southern border.

Why does America get all the criticism?  Why is it not okay to talk about what Mexico's doing wrong?

Read "The Labyrinth of Illegal Immigration:"

"Activists portray illegal immigration solely as a human story of the desperately poor from south of the border fleeing misery to start new, productive lives in the U.S. -- despite exploitation and America's nativist immigration laws.

But the truth is always more complex -- and can reveal self-interested as well as idealistic parties..."

Continue reading at Real Clear Politics.

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