Video of Altercation Sparks Protest

There were protests last night in Anaheim after video of an off-duty LAPD officer who was involved in an altercation with several teens trespassing on his property went viral.

In the video, the unnamed officer is shown physically restraining a boy as a group of teens surround them. 

He drags the boy and when the kid's friends step into help, the man pulls out his gun.

The officer, who says the boy allegedly threatened to shoot him, fired his weapon but no one was hurt.

Officers arrived on the scene and the boy, 13,  was arrested and taken to Orange County Juvenile Hall on charges of criminal threats and battery.  Another 15-year-old boy was arrested for assault and battery and was released to his parents.

One witness to the incident says things escalated likely because the officer misunderstood the boy when he said "I"m going to sue" you. The witness says the officer thought the boy said, "I'm going to shoot you."

Protesters gathered last night in the neighborhood of the shooting.

The peaceful demonstration went south when someone began spray painting profanities on to a neighbors garage.

From there, protesters began banging on the officer's door, blocked traffic and confronted Anaheim officers who were watching from across the street.

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