A man "deposited" body lice all over UC Berkeley

Campus officials at UC Berkeley have received reports of a man repeatedly disposing of his body lice in the school's buildings.

The buildings include the Doe Memorial Library and the ASUC Student Union.

An email from the Recreational Sports facility details the man's lice operation:

“(The individual) repeats the same pattern wherever he goes.  First, he will collect a hand full of paper towels and a trash bin. After taking both items into a restroom stall he will wipe off countless body lice; depositing the towels and live insects in the bin.”

The email added that he also spread his lice by finding a seat in a lounge area and sit there for hours.

A school spokesperson said the man has been banned from university library buildings for one year for violating the library code of conduct.

Yes, it's against the Code of Conduct to spread lice in a library, even if you're using your six inch voice.

Berkeley staff said it has addressed the issue and will not bother with a criminal investigation.

Read more at Daily Cal.

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